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Congratulations LHS Baseball for your
District WIN over Higginsville 9-2
Lexington Won VS Butler 5/23/16 7-2

5pm May 25th VS Summit Christian @
Summit Christian Academy
1500 SW Jefferson St.
Lee's Summit, MO
Jefferson St. is just west of the South 291/Percels intersection. Head south at the Percels/Jefferson intersection. School will be on the right. Baseball field is behind the school.

Congratulations Class of 2016! 

Abby Beach, a Lexington High School Senior, has been selected as the 2016 recipient of the Adam Ashinhurst Allegiance Award.  As a recipient of this award, Abby is commended for her Loyalty~Dedication~Commitment and high standards to the activities and athletics of Lexington High School.

To honor Adam’s passing, it was the wish of family, friends and former classmates to establish an award to be given annually to a high school senior that exudes the same strengths and characteristics that were instilled in Adam.  In honoring his memory, the Lexington High School weight room was dedicated as the “Room of Allegiance”, in memory of Adam Ashinhurst.”  Abby’s name will stand alongside this room, as well as past and future recipient’s of this award. 

Adam viewed the weight room as a location with multiple purposes.  It was important to him because a variety of students walked through its doors and they could connect differently than the typical atmosphere of a classroom.  It wasn’t just a place to lift weights, for Adam it was a place for students to set examples and to become leaders in something other than academics.  The students that exceeded in the weight room gained the confidence that may have been needed in succeeding in other areas of school.  It represented a place for students to unite as a team, not only to work on physical strength, but strengthening their abilities to demonstrate LOYALTY...DEDICATION and COMMITMENT. 

Adam should be remembered for his outreach to others.  His capabilities of getting students involved, giving them ambition to be on a team and to work hard in reaching new levels of personal and physical strengths.  His experiences in the weight room followed him in life, as he loved the ability to coach others to find the courage to reach their personal best.  He should be remembered as someone who was involved in all areas of school, who never gave up and who represented Lexington High School to the best of his ability.  He should be remembered for his passion about life, helping others, defeating intimidation and making a significant difference when given the opportunity.  If Adam were here today, he would be honored and proud that his legacy has lived on through the weight room and inspired so many young athletes.  Adam continues to change lives...even today.

Pictured from left to right:
Kyle Barkley, Abby Beach, Michelle Ralston, Keely Gould, Danny Capps and Tim Crosson.

The health clinic is in the basement of the High School operated by Samuel Rodgers Health Center. They will see any student or staff member of the Lexington School District. They will be open every day from 0730-0830. They accept multiple other insurances. This is not a FREE service, but it is a convenient service. The clinic paperwork is on the School's website which you can download and bring filled will speed up the process. 

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