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October 16, 2019
Lex La-Ray Technical Center
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The Role of School Boards

Local school board members are elected to govern the 500+ school districts in Missouri and to be leaders and champions for public education in their communities.  They come from all walks of life and are as diverse as the communities they serve.  The most important responsibility of school boards is to work with their communities to improve student achievement in their local public schools.  They serve as the bridge between the community and the professional educators in the district.  School boards derive their power and authority from the state.  In compliance with state and federal laws, school boards establish policies and regulations by which their local schools are governed.  Among other things, the school board is responsible for:

  •         Employing and evaluating the superintendent
  •         Developing and adopting policies and the budget
  •         Establishing the overall goals and direction of the school district

School boards are not responsible for the day-today management of the school district.  That job is left to the professional educators hired by the school board.  In Missouri the vast majority of school boards consist of seven members.  Most school board members serve three-year terms and school board elections are held in April.  There are no term limits for school board members in Missouri.  School board members in Missouri receive no pay for their service.  Research shows effective school boards have a direct impact on improving student achievement in their district through the expectations they set and the policies they adopt.

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Board Members

Term Expiration Date

Scott Schumacher, President 2018-2021
Linda Florence, Vice-President 2019-2022
Carrie Bollmeyer,  Member 2018-2021
Chad Thompson 2019-2022
Amy Woods, Member 2014-2020
Emily Engelbrecht, Member 2017-2020
Stephanie Carter, Member 2017-2020

Sarrah Morgan Superintendent
Billy Cobb Director of Operations
Carroll Meierer Board Secretary/Custodian of Records
Regina Eichler Board Treasurer


Goal 1: Student Performance

Continue to develop quality educational/instructional programs to improve student academic performance which will enable students and staff to meet their personal and career goals.  The Lexington R-V School District will strive to reach 126 out of 140 points (90% -Distinction) on the annual DESE MSIP 5 Annual Performance Report (APR).  (Baseline:  80%-2015 Goal of 5-7% improvement) (2016 Goal of 5-7% additional improvement) (Ongoing)

Goal 2: District Facilities

The Lexington R-V School District will maintain and construct facilities while promote a safe and quality educational environment.  By the conclusion of the 2015-2016 school year, the Board of Education will review and approve a strategic short and long term facility plan that included cost estimates for district repairs and building improvements/additions.

Goal 3: District Communication

The Lexington R-V School District will promote, facilitiate, and enhance overall internal and external communication.  The Board of Education will review the District Communication Plan which includes activities and strategies related to serving the school community, parents, and students. (Ongoing)

Goal 4: Finance

The Lexington R-V School District will be committed to providing appropriate resources to operate safe, effective, and efficient school district.   The district will maintain unrestricted reserve balances of 18-20%. (Ongoing)

Goal 5: Human Resources

The Lexington R-V School District will strive to employ high qualified staff which promotes the district’s vision, mission, and values.  The district will employ a “hiring process” which affords multiple levels of position postings and employment recommendation procedures. (Ongoing).

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