Math Club

LBS Math Club Sponsor
1st & 2nd Grade
Morgan Patrick
LBS Math Club Sponsor
3rd & 4th Grade
Sarah Chaney

LBS Minutemen Math Club

The LBS Minutemen Math Club began in 2005 and is for 1st -4th graders.  Students who join have a chance to investigate new math situations as well as sharpen math skills they are currently learning and have fun!  The goals are to help students improve, maintain, and enrich the following math skills:  addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measuring, fractions, telling time, geometry, counting money, and solving word problems.  This club meets once a month on the first Wednesday.  They end the year with a Math Olympiad Celebration where students participate in different math events and score points.  Trophies, medals, and ribbons are awarded at the conclusion of the Math Olympiad.  Mrs. Jamie Smith is the 1st and 2nd grade Club Sponsor.  Mrs. Sarah Chaney is the 3rd and 4th grade Club Sponsor

The ninth annual Math Olympiad was held on Friday, April 10, 2015 with 90 students participating.  The students competed on teams as well as individually.  Events included: Awesome Addition, Super Subtraction, Show Me the Money, Terrific Time, Great Graphing, Marvelous Measurement, and Groovy Geometry.   The Math Club Coaches were Jamie Smith, Sarah Chaney, Megan Peine, Allison Kuhn, April Kaullen, and Paula Neer.

1st Grade Math Olympians:
Front Row: Samantha Yates, Elizabeth Hager, Hunter Meyer, Amanda Rodekohr, Avery Ellison, Mia Flores, Brooklyn Chappell, Trinity Millburn
2nd Row: Trey Perez, Mackinzie Adkins, DaiseaMay Sweet, Blake Kaullen, Kolton Ashby, Karlee Doak, Farine Ghazaei, Elizabeth Day, Amanda Triplett
3rd Row: Shane Garrett, Drew Bollmeyer, Sarah Ratliff, Haley Sander, Christian Hurshman, Noah Ellison, Katy Carter

1st and 2nd grade results are:
Individual Winners were : 2nd  Place- Zackery Kuntz, 1st Place – Corbin Kaullen,  3rd Place- Katy Carter

2nd Grade Math Olympians:
Front Row: Ashley Ratliff, Addison Lautenschlager, Claire Riker, Allissa Bell, Misty Chaney, Cassidy Ellison
2nd Row: Kaili Burns, Tyson Haas, P.J. Callahan, Miguel Gonzalez, Faith Atkins
3rd Row:  Austin Streicher, Corbin Kaullen Zackery Kuntz

3rd Grade Math Olympians:
Front Row:  Benito Zaragoza, Eva Smith, Hailey McRae, Charlesie Lamphier, Bella Morgan, Ailin Arana
2nd Row: Sonya Rodekohr, Olivia Roush, Freya Myers, Dylan Doak, Caden Havrila, Avalon Crews, Leann Drake, Taylon Morgan
3rd Row: Zoe Engelbrecht, Landon Meierer, Kassandra Rangel, Madeline Triplett, Kaire Smith, Jonovan Hanna, Haleigh Chappell, Aalycia Eaton, Zachary Miller

3rd and 4th grade results are:
Individual Winners were:  3rd Place- Ailin Arana, 1st Place- Aalycia Eaton, 2nd  Place (Tie)- Stanley Zhu and Sarah Schumacher

4th Grade Math Olympians:
Front Row: Attie Paddock, Thomas Sinkhorn, Matthew Bell-Ross, Mariah Hutton, Jordan Smith, James Atkins, Gabe Bertz
2nd Row: Josh Casto, Molley Hutchings, Connor Riker, Christian Appleby, Madison Potter, Lexee Meyer, Chloe Neer, Stanley Zhu, Abby Callahan
3rd Row: Clayton Yates, Brandon Nelson, Parker Kaullen, Amelia Bailey, Blake Katen, Aleceya Zaragoza, Abby Martin, Drake Thompson, Sarah Schumacher