School Clubs & Activities

Wondering how your child might benefit by joining a club? While this list is by no means exhaustive, read on for some great reasons to get your child involved.

Get Out and Do Something

Many children spend too many hours in front of the TV watching senseless shows or playing video games. A club gives these children an opportunity to explore more varied, and healthier, activities.

Keep Out of Trouble

Studies show that after-school hours, the "witching hours" are more dangerous to children than night-time hours. Participating in an after-school club reduces children's risks of becoming involved in drugs or alcohol, getting pregnant or committing crimes.

Meet People / Make Friends

Joining a club gives children a comfortable place to meet others with similar interests. This often forms the basis for lifelong friendships.

Learn New Skills

Children who participate in a variety of activities are introduced to new skills and given a chance to develop them. As children realize they "can do", their self-confidence grows.

Learn Teamwork

Many activities require children to work together towards a common goal. Whether they're trying to win a game or complete a community service project, children learn to work as a team.

Develop Independence

By participating in clubs, young children learn to be outside of their family. Older children learn skills and values that will carry them through to their adult lives.

Leadership / Responsibility

Children have the opportunity to make their own decisions and elect officers. They learn to lead, follow and carry their portion of the responsibility.

Civic Mindedness / Values

Some organizations exist as service organizations. Others participate in community service as part of a larger scope of activities. Either way, children learn to look beyond themselves and experience the joy of making a difference.

College Admissions

In addition to solid academics, college admissions boards like to see well-rounded students. Club participation demonstrates this on a students' college applications.

College Scholarships

In addition to rounding out their college applications, children who participate in clubs may qualify for scholarships. These are available for accomplishments in sports, scouts, 4-H, and many other organizations.

Plain Old Fun

Playing a game, camping, singing -- whatever the focus, children participate because they enjoy the activities, and sometimes fun is as good a reason as any other to join a club.